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2008 Resolutions

Are you struggling with making New Years resolutions that will stick? Here are some business-oriented suggestions from the CBIL Team:

Resolve to:

  • Do more to make full use of the knowledge and experience of each of your employees.
  • Take full control of your work environment and to not let it control you.
  • Remember that one of the most powerful motivators of top performance is a feeling of being needed and valued by one's employer.
  • Get your Microsoft Certification.
  • Get your IT staff trained in Windows Vista.
  • Treat your internal customers with a style that communicates respect, professionalism, and a clear message. The internal customer is often overlooked in customer service initiatives.
  • Say "DEAL" and call CBIL for Customer Service training.
  • Be a better coach.
  • Help your work team work together more effectively.
  • Stop hiring people based on your "gut feeling." Validated hiring techniques improve performance and cut down on turnover, saving your organization a lot of money.
  • Say YES to that meeting when that nice Marketing person from the College calls!

For our Customized Training Grant clients, resolve to:

  • Collect copies of training rosters as the training occurs rather than trying to compile all the info when the Customized Training Invoices are due.
  • Turn your invoices in on time and spend half of your Customized Training grant by December 15th.
  • Complete your customized training proposal by May 1st, 2008.
  • Use CBIL as a quality resource for the up-and-coming needs of your company.

The CBIL team has some resolutions, as well. We resolve to:

  • Develop and deepen relationships with our clients. We will contact current clients and reconnect with former clients to see how we can help them meet their organizational goals in 2008.
  • Focus on CBIL's strengths and capabilities to build individual and organizational confidence. We will recognize success and achievement within CBIL and communicate our successes to others.


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